Building a decentralized university for Latin America

Lack of quality Education is one of the main problems in Third World Countries. In Latin America, we strive to create an accesible ecosystem of learning communities for the jobs of tomorrow.

We believe the best way to do it is with a DAO of DAOs, an organization consisting of many other specialized learning communties sharing resources, knowledge, opportunities and talent.


Learning Latino Community for people exploring web3. This is where it all starts.


DAO Business School for Latin America.

Impact NFT Academy

International Community with a Latino presence for Impact NFT Collections founders.

Babel: Overcoming the Language Barrier

Learning in a language you don’t fully understand is hard. Learning web3 in a language you haven’t mastered is an epic, difficult endeavour.

We want to create a Knowledge Hub for Learning Resources and Communities and make web3 knowhow accesible for people around the world, no matter the language.

We are starting with Latin America and Spanish.

Babel will double as the decentralized university Library, while also including knowledge produced by other DAOs and Learning Communities.

Dreaming a solarpunk future... and building it!

Crypto, blockchain and web3 enables us to scale impact and create new systems to collaborate with and eventually replace broken, legacy systems.

New technologies focusing on regenerative impact, such as Celo, can help us chart the path forward.

I’m building the Regen LatAm ecosystem with Celo. I want to become an instigator for DAOs, Impact NFT Collections and communities forming around web3 with a heavy focus on impact.

Cultural Brands and Impact thru products and experiences

Cultural Brands are exploding with NFTs. Bored Apes Yatch Club, Cool Cats, Azuki, and so many other collections are proving that community led cultural brands can change the way we create culture forever.

With Metasuyo, we want to create impact while launching a cultural brand that allow us to visibilize the wisdom and legacy from our peruvian pre hispanic cultures.